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Culinary Arts Diploma
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Professional Chef Diploma
Sous Chef Diploma

Culinary Arts Diploma

Five months in this program will change the way you view cooking forever!  Our total immersion Culinary Arts Diploma program presents basic and classic fundamental techniques in an intensive practical curriculum of culinary essentials.  

The Culinary Arts School of Ontario’s proven approach to learning encompasses a series of modules, each comprised of approximately 5 - 10 hours of textbook, workbook and projects along with approx. 20 - 30 hours of practical kitchen exercises.

Each of these modules are prescribed one at a time, this way students will develop a knowledge base and will immediately apply the appropriate principles and acquire the required skill. As you progress through your program you start to integrate each of the modules in various exercises to again reinforce your learning. This method ensures greater opportunity for understanding, retention and application.

Your program will have a strong emphasis on classical cuisine, our program is designed to best prepare you for the rigors of this rewarding industry. Each student will be exposed to in-depth levels of culinary training as defined in their program of study. Our focus is to ensure strength and understanding of each module, while building the level of skills and experience required for success in any professional kitchen.

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